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How does STRIEGO help you level up your security with AI and HI? 

How does STRIEGO help you level up your security with AI and HI?

As businesses accelerate towards Industry 4.0, they have changed how they do things.  They are taking a more digital approach to get more productive outcomes and develop new customer experiences. They are deploying Operational Technology (OT) and the Internet of Things (IoT) to work smartly. As per Statista, the spending on IoT in 2023 was around $1.1 trillion.   

However, this has come at the cost of increasing cyber risks.  Cybercriminals are evolving their techniques and hybrid attacks that leverage cutting-edge technology like Artificial Intelligence to engage in advanced techniques.  

It has changed the cybersecurity ballgame entirely. Standalone cybersecurity solutions are no longer working against modern threat actors.  Cybersecurity has become more complex because cybersecurity solutions are getting more expensive and siloed off.  

It has made it highly challenging for businesses to gain visibility, make meaning of security data, and take timely and precise actions for cybersecurity.  Additionally, businesses struggle with having a limited team for cybersecurity, and they often face the challenge of managing multiple vendors to address all their cybersecurity needs.   

To worsen the matter, there is increased pressure to stay compliant in a global business environment where the regulations keep changing.  To solve all the challenges and due to our commitment to making cybersecurity simpler, we have tailored STRIEGO.   

Wait… What is STRIEGO?  

STRIEGO is a multi-tenant, open architecture holistic security platform, driven by the cutting-edge technology of Artificial Intelligence and HI.  

It breaks silos that surround cybersecurity that makes it highly challenging for businesses to address modern-day challenges like the rising cost of cybersecurity solutions, widening skills gap, lack of prioritization of cybersecurity, and limited budgets.   

What is HI? 

HI is Human Intelligence that backs STRIEGO. It is a dedicated team of security experts who provide the round-the-clock expertise that businesses need to make the most of what they already have. It eliminates the challenge of having a limited team for cybersecurity or having to invest a huge sum to set up their own Security Operations Center.

How does STRIEGO use AI? 

STRIEGO empowers businesses to focus on what is more important when it comes to cybersecurity. It utilizes AI to render automated threat detection and response to address the majority of the threats, eliminating the possibilities of false positives significantly. It utilizes ML to assign risk-based scores based on multiple risk scoring systems such as CVSS. 

How is STRIEGO useful? – The business benefits 

The following are some of the business benefits offered by STRIEGO:   

  • It smoothly blends with the current setup 
    • When businesses grow, they often face the challenge of managing change across multiple levels.  STRIEGO provides businesses with the flexibility they need to grow their business by providing an open architecture, multi-tenant platform that works easily with the existing setup without disrupting current operations. It reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by assisting businesses to eliminate their reliance on multiple vendors to meet all their security needs.   
  • It provides businesses with much-needed insights for making cybersecurity decisions 
    • Cybersecurity has become more and more complex these days with businesses struggling with siloed-off functions. STRIEGO helps solve this through meaningful insights collected via continuous monitoring of the environment for threats and suspicious activity. It provides a comprehensive overview of the cybersecurity posture through dashboards providing security experts with the advantage of making well-informed decisions and taking measures for proactive defense against the most modern threats.   
  • It offers the much-needed tools for threat hunting and incident management  
    • Security experts can work more efficiently in threat hunting through real-time threat intel comprising all the useful information on all the tactics, techniques, and procedures utilized by modern-day threat actors. With STRIEGO, security experts can address cybersecurity incidents with tools that make their triage process more efficient. By using the platform, incident responders can gain a deeper outlook on threats providing necessary information on the severity of threats, assisting in classifying them, and taking precise measures to contain them. 
  • It smoothens the risk management process and helps to stay compliant 
    • STRIEGO provides security experts with a comprehensive overview of the cybersecurity posture through periodical risk assessments. Based on multiple risk assessment standards it assigns risk scores to areas based on their exposure to threats and cyber risks. Based on the risk scores, experts can plan the area that they might want to address first. Additionally, it also engages in CIS-based posture assessments against all the security controls and benchmarks ensuring all the recommended measures are implemented comprising best practices in security.   
  • Offers a dedicated team of experts who help achieve high RoI from all the existing cybersecurity solutions and provide round-the-clock support for incident response.  
    • One of the major challenges for businesses today is the widening skills gap in cybersecurity. It prevents them from identifying and implementing best practices for optimal security posture against modern-day threats. STRIEGO solves this by offering a dedicated team of cybersecurity experts like threat researchers, incident responders, DevSecOps engineers, and security analysts who work round the clock to ensure that the organization remains safe from cyber threats with the best practices in security.    
    • They add a human touch to cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions rendering round-the-clock security against cyber incidents like breaches through uninterrupted supports. Through SharkStriker’s cyber army, organizations can leverage human expertise to gain high RoI from all their existing cybersecurity solutions with the experts rendering optimal configurations and rules across the solutions.   

What features make STRIEGO worth considering? 

STREIGO comes loaded with highly robust features to offer holistic cybersecurity to businesses. 

Next-Generation SIEM/XDR  

A powerful AI-driven detection engine that does more than just visibility with automated response to advanced threats based on multi-sourced ingestion of threat intel and UEBA. With a dedicated team of cybersecurity experts, it contextually renders precision in threat detection and response through seamless triage and rules optimization. 

File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)  

It is the STRIEGO feature that detects changes from the baseline system files, registries, or application software that may indicate the occurrence of a cyber-attack. It tracks file and registry changes. It is a must in many compliance standards like ISO and PCI DSS.

Vulnerability Management

Experience quick and intelligent prioritization of vulnerabilities on the most critical assets with comprehensive risk assessment score based on multi-source evaluation and recommendations to mitigate risk with the help of built-in assessment and remediation tools. Predict emerging threats and stop imminent threats from damaging your high-value assets.

CIS Benchmark-based Configuration Assessment

Get an active periodical assessment of configurations across your current security setup against CIS benchmarks and compliance guidelines your organization is subjected to. These configuration recommendations are prescribed for more than 25+ vendor families. Gain expert-based recommendations to address gaps in configurations.   

Threat Detection & Response 

STRIEGO leverages a robust AI and ML-based detection engine that engages in continuous monitoring of the IT infrastructure for cyber risks It renders context through threat intel-based analysis and empowers businesses with quick threat response with the help of AI/ML. 

Security Automation

STRIEGO offers the capability to augment security operations through AI and Machine learning-based automation of routine security tasks that assist security teams to work more efficiently. It offers capabilities such as automated threat detection, response, and file retrieval and deletion in case of suspicious activity.

Full-cycle Incident Response  

Get round-the-clock full-cycle unmetered incident response support with a team of security experts and incident responders working actively to keep your IT infrastructure. Prepare an in-depth plan and implement measures to control damage, remediate, and contain an attack, further damaging your most valuable assets and reputation.   

Real-time Dashboards

STRIEGO works superfluously in proactively securing your IT infrastructure by providing you with much-needed actionable insights on cybersecurity posture. It not only helps you make meaningful decisions on cybersecurity but also generates forensic reports that can help you with the achievement of globally renowned compliance certifications.   

Incident Management

STRIEGO offers features for smooth incident management and triage features to address incidents more efficiently. It offers a unique feature to collaborate with clients throughout the process of incident resolution with ease of classification based on the impact and severity of the incident.         

User Entity Behavior and Analytics (UEBA)

STRIEGO utilizes AI and ML to detect, identify, and prevent advanced internal network-based and other attacks on users and assets connected. Through continuous cyber risk analysis, collecting data from endpoints, identity, servers, and the cloud determines the level of risk exposure and predicts suspicious activity.    

Network Detection & Response

STRIEGO predicts and detects suspicious network activity based on multi-source collection and analysis of data. Based on the latest threat intel, it predicts and engages in automated AI and ML-based response to threats rendering context-based visibility of network posture in real-time.   

Dark Web Monitoring

STRIEGO offers in-depth insights into the latest threat activity and the tactics, techniques, and procedures of threat actors based on monitoring of the dark web. SharkStriker’s security experts engage in dark web analysis studying whether data has been published or sold on the dark web.    

Deception Technology

STRIEGO’s next-gen deception technology unlocks early threat detection with low false positives through the deployment of real-world breadcrumbs like apps, servers, credentials, etc alongside assets to act as lures for the attacker. Once the attacker interacts with the lures, the technology alerts incident responders for quick and precise response.    

Live Search

STREIGO empowers businesses through actionable security and extensive visibility with the power to engage in a real-time search among activities from all the assets connected across the IT infrastructure. It offers the versatility to perform filtered and Lucene search index-based advanced searches, enabling teams to engage in a deeper evaluation of host-specific activities.      

3rd party integrations with connectors

STRIEGO helps businesses make the most of all their existing cybersecurity investments by seamlessly integrating with them. It does so through connectors blending 3rd party security solutions like Endpoint protection (EPP/EDR), Network Security (Firewall, WAF, NGFW), Email Protection, Cloud Platforms (AWS, Google, Azure), and Identity Protection.  

How SharkStriker helps businesses augment their cybersecurity and be compliant with STRIEGO

When it comes to cybersecurity, businesses often struggle with meeting all their cybersecurity needs without having to take the painstaking trouble of managing multiple vendors or investing heavily in cybersecurity.   

Even if they do invest heavily in standalone security, it isn’t able to meet all their cybersecurity needs. This is because they have a limited team that can address all of the cybersecurity and compliance challenges. SharkStriker assists in solving these challenges through STRIEGO, it is an all-in-one, unified cybersecurity platform that offers a perfect blend of human expertise and cutting-edge technology.   

Vulnerability and risk management  

It helps in identifying and addressing vulnerabilities across different levels of the IT infrastructure through assessments and reports for a detailed view of posture. 

Complete posture assessment 

STRIEGO offers all the necessary tools to security experts for taking risk and gap assessments. It empowers them with a comprehensive report of their posture comprising detailed information on areas with the highest risk categorized as per severity. Through periodical CIS-based assessments, it ensures that the posture remains optimized with the recommendations of regulatory bodies like CIS, GDPR, and ISO 270001.   

360-degree compliance  

It provides all the necessary tools for effectively implementing measures for compliance whether it is risk assessment or gap analysis. It offers comprehensive compliance-friendly reports on a business’s cybersecurity posture.    

Incident Response Support 

In the modern world, cybercriminals don’t wait for businesses to open. It makes round-the-clock security critical for all. Through round-the-clock incident response support from a team of cybersecurity experts, STRIEGO always ensures the security of all the most sensitive information assets with the right set of tools for incident management including triage and collaboration.    

To sum it up

STRIEGO is engineered to address the cybersecurity challenges of businesses. It is a multi-tenant, open architecture-based unified platform that assists them to seamlessly gain increased returns from all their existing security investments through a team of cybersecurity experts who implement best practices in cybersecurity. It is powered by cutting-edge AI technology that empowers security teams with automated threat detection and response.   

Through features such as real-time dashboards and live search, it offers extended visibility of cybersecurity posture to businesses. It eases incident management by providing tools for triaging and collaboration. With automated threat detection and response, security automation, and full cycle incident response it offers a one-stop shop to businesses for cybersecurity. Through CIS-based benchmarks assessment compliance-friendly reports, it makes it easy for businesses to implement measures for compliance.

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