Affordable enterprise security for SMBs

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Affordable Enterprise Security for SMBs
05th April 2023
11 : 30 AM UTC
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Organizations worldwide are facing the following challenges

  • Increased prominence of cyber attack as a service
  • High cost of cyber incidents ( between $826 and $653587 on avg. for SMBs) 
  • Widening cybersecurity skills gap (3.5million on average) 
  • The increasing cost of security solutions ( 25% increase on a YoY basis) 
  • Rise of insider threats 

Are you worried that the increasing cost of licensing will make enterprise security out of reach for you? 

Don’t worry. We have come up with tailored made enterprise security just for your business. 

Through our webinar we will be covering:

  • The whats and whys of an enterprise security framework
  • Why enterprise security is not everyone’s ballgame (and why you need experts)
  • Our approach to enterprise security for SMBs

Learn more about our tailored enterprise security services for SMBs by attending our webinar.

Palak Dixit
Sales Head
Fiona Frank

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