Everything you must know about Cyber Insurance – USA Region

Webinar – USA Region

Everything you must know about Cyber Insurance – USA
14th Sept 2022
02 : 30 PM EDT
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In today’s IT world, small to big organizations are facing huge cybersecurity risks which result in a negative impact on services and revenues. An increase in supply chain attacks and the hastened adoption of the hybrid workplace have increased exposure to cyberattacks, which can seriously disrupt day to day operations. Moreover, due to increased vulnerability, businesses are being forced to manage third-party risk, invest in their own cybersecurity posture, and insure themselves against cyber hazards. Technologies and best practices can help you lower your risk and raise your security rating while lowering the price of your insurance premiums.

In this webinar, our experts will go over the additional advantages of cyber insurance:

  • What it does (and doesn’t) cover?
  • Prerequisites of cyber insurance
  • How to get the most out of your coverage?
  • How to choose the best available cyber insurance type?
  • How to reduce premium?

Our cyber experts will go over all the specific tactics in depth, aside from the claims procedure, payouts, and pitfalls—offering insights on current trends and what might be in the works. 

In the end, a live discussion panel featuring our experienced speakers will cover the latest trends in cyber insurance in detail and address the queries as well.

Jenil Sadrani
Security Architect
Palak Dixit
Sales Head

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