Global cybersecurity company SharkStriker strikes channel partnership with US-based service provider Innovilink

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Global cybersecurity company SharkStriker strikes channel partnership with US-based service provider Innovilink

Walnut Creek CA 94956, June 2023: Global cybersecurity vendor SharkStriker has partnered with US-based services provider Innovilink. The company is known for providing services from IT to cybersecurity.

Through this partnership, both Innovilink and SharkStriker can assist businesses in  United States and Canada in solving cybersecurity gaps such as skills gaps, increasing cost of cybersecurity solutions, and highly siloed cybersecurity. 

This partnership will bolster the growth of a holistic cybersecurity value chain in the United States, assisting businesses to mitigate their cyber security risks from data breaches, ransomware attacks, advanced persistent threats, and botnet attacks.

It will make way for the growth of the cybersecurity market and help small and medium businesses solve their cybersecurity challenges. It is a relief for businesses taking their first steps towards digital transformation, navigating past the constant threat of increased sophistication of cyber-attacks and growing pressure to stay compliant on the global stage.

Protecting sensitive data from getting into the hands of cybercriminals, being compliant with local and global information security standards, and being cyber resilient to the latest threats are some of the challenges that businesses face today.

Having a limited team can be challenging especially when cybercriminals are consistently evolving their techniques. Investing in standalone solutions is not enough especially without the talent on board to configure them as per the latest best practices. Therefore, businesses have to rely on multiple vendors for cybersecurity which is challenging to manage.

With this partnership, Innovilink will be able to solve these challenges for their customers better with SharkStriker’s team of cybersecurity experts who will work as an extension of their team to provide them with round-the-clock support for cybersecurity. It will allow our customers to eliminate their reliance on multiple vendors and help them to make the most of their existing security investments through a unified platform. SharkStriker’s holistic services such as MDR-as-a-service, SIEM-as-a-service, SOC-as-a-service, and VAPT, Innovilink’s customers will get the cybersecurity arsenal they need to survive and grow in the modern-day world of business.

“Let’s admit that surviving in one of the most competitive business environments means evolving the way we create customer experiences. Cyber criminals have started integrating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in their attack techniques needing businesses to evolve the way they approach cybersecurity. SharkStriker helps solve that with its holistic human-led tech-driven approach to cybersecurity. With their dedicated team working as an extension of our team, businesses can stay rest assured that their operations are uninterrupted by cyber-attacks and their sensitive data is protected” Giora Stadler, CEO, Innovilink.

“Partnering with Innovilink will assist us to create more value in the US market with our human-led holistic cybersecurity services. We are excited to work together and empower businesses with enhanced posture and compliance.” Fiona Frank, Head of the USA Partnerships, SharkStriker.

This partnership seeks to deliver the following values:

  • Empower US businesses with a range of holistic cybersecurity services
  • Assist businesses in supercharging their existing investments and gaining high ROI through a robust and unified platform
  • Offer tailored fully managed cybersecurity services like:
    • MDR-as-a-service
    • SIEM-as-a-service
    • SOC-as-a-service
    • Incident Response as a service
    • Cybersecurity as a service
    • Security Testing Services
  • Mitigate cyber risks in different verticals across industries

About Innovilink 

Innovilink is a Missouri based software solutions and service provider. Their main focus is on innovation with a motto to provide organizations with solutions that render them high performance and security of their information systems. They seek to bring innovative solutions to their clients with options that work best for their business.

About SharkStriker

SharkStriker is a global cybersecurity vendor that caters to the cybersecurity challenges of MSPs across industries through its holistic range of cybersecurity services. It includes lack of compliance, low cybersecurity posture, lack of skilled personnel in domain cybersecurity, and standalone security solutions not leveraged to their full potential. They have enabled their clients with augmented cybersecurity posture per their use cases, empowering them to achieve new growth opportunities without worrying about cyber attacks. 

Through a team of threat-striking experts, they have made their presence across MEA, North America, Europe, and Asia.

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