SharkStriker makes US-based F1 Cybersecurity their channel partner

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SharkStriker makes US-based F1 Cybersecurity their channel partner

Walnut Creek CA 94956, 15th May 2023 SharkStriker, a global cybersecurity vendor that empowers MSSPs with its holistic cybersecurity services, has partnered with a United States-based renowned MSSP – F1 Cybersecurity. 

It has allowed both to create unique value in cybersecurity that addresses the core challenges of businesses globally. 

SharkStriker offers a unique approach to cybersecurity that blends human expertise with cutting-edge technology to render impermeable defense for an organization. 

By becoming a one-stop shop for cybersecurity offering an umbrella of services such as MDR-as-a-service, SIEM-as-a-service, VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing), SOC-as-a-service and Managed Security services for existing solutions like Microsoft Security suite, SharkStriker solves the persisting challenge of managing multiple vendors for cybersecurity. 

Through end-to-end compliance management services for global and regulatory compliances like GDPR, ISO27001, PCI DSS, and NIS, the company will help businesses achieve their compliance goals seamlessly. 

With this partnership, F1 Cybersecurity will provide customers with affordable enterprise-grade cybersecurity designed per individual business needs, scope, and budget. 

In addition to this, they will render a complete round-the-clock team of security professionals that vanguard the IT infrastructure from even the most sophisticated threats and cybercriminals.  

With a 24×7 incident response team working round the clock, they will get the real-time support they need to operate without disruptions from cyberattacks ripening their brand value to create more stakeholder trust with an enhanced cybersecurity posture. 

“Businesses worldwide are under increased pressure to deliver. A cyber attack can disrupt their operations, damage their reputation and cause significant financial damage to company-specific data and non-compliance. 

What stops businesses from achieving cybersecurity goals is that it is limited to siloes. Business owners often have to manage multiple vendors for achieving all cybersecurity goals. 

SharkStriker single-handedly solves this by offering holistic cybersecurity services that cater to all aspects of cybersecurity with a human approach that breaks silos across industries. Businesses are increasingly also in immediate danger of being non-compliant with the regulatory and global cybersecurity guidelines as a result of lack of team, limited budget, and constantly changing regulatory environment. SharkStriker solves this by offering end-to-end compliance management services that assist organizations of all sizes in identifying and implementing all the cybersecurity best practices that are recommended by regulatory and global bodies.” said Lamar Brown, CEO of F1 Cybersecurity. 

“We are grateful for having partnered with F1 Cybersecurity as our channel partners. With this partnership, we will be able to leverage their wide established customer network. We always look forward to empowering MSPs from around the world with our holistic cybersecurity services with a human expertise approach that is much demanded in the industry. This partnership will allow us to create more value in the Americas region, especially within the MSP network that is finding it challenging to bridge cybersecurity bottlenecks with dedicated expertise. “Fiona Frank, Head of USA Partnerships at SharkStriker.

Through this partnership, SharkStriker and F1 Cybersecurity will be delivering the following values: 

  • Render value to customers through holistic cybersecurity services that serve as a one-stop shop for everything related to cybersecurity. 
  • It will prepare businesses, MSPs, and SMBs of all shapes and sizes by solving challenges. These challenges include: cybersecurity skills gap, non-compliance, lack of domain or subject matter expertise, absence of ease of management in cybersecurity, increasing cost of cybersecurity solutions and  
  • Offer F1 Cybersecurity with one-stop services that are driven by human expertise and AI and ML. That includes services like:
  • Compliance management services covering regulatory and global compliances such as (GDPR, PCI DSS, NEST, ISO27001, etc.).
  • SharkStriker will improve its presence in the American continent by being able to cater to more business customers. 

About F1 Cybersecurity 

With more than 30 plus combined experience in maintaining and remediating cybersecurity programs for both public and private organizations, F1 Cybersecurity has made its name for the cybersecurity services that it offers. Their core strength lies in implementing technical solutions for cybersecurity and data protection. 

About SharkStriker

SharkStriker is a global cybersecurity vendor that caters to the cybersecurity challenges of MSPs across industries through its holistic range of cybersecurity services. It includes lack of compliance, low cybersecurity posture, lack of skilled personnel in domain cybersecurity, and standalone security solutions not leveraged to their full potential. They have enabled their clients with augmented cybersecurity posture per their use cases, empowering them to achieve new growth opportunities without worrying about cyber attacks. 

Through a team of threat-striking experts, they have made their presence across MEA, North America, Europe, and Asia.

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